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Animated me pays homage to other critics while blatantly imitating them to make a point, takes on movies and other junk to prove how much of nerds we all really are.


This week, I take on a the titans which include; Minotaur...? Chimera..? Mak-.. what the f--- just the Wrath of The Titan should be the name of this misleading film, there’s only one; Cronos (not Kronos), I have a feeling someone was paid to put a K in there to relate to the Kardashian kraze going on to keep the kardashians in some kind of kontrol over the public.. ahem what was I going to do..? oh right. So Wrath of The Titan is about sam worthnothing going on a quest to save his daddy from his daddy and his messed up half brother... and.. just watch the video, Don’t make me type, just thinking about this train wreck mades me want to stick a drill to my left temple to bore the images out, so enjoy Fubar Review’s first Video Review.

Wrath of The Titans