Myth IV: The Wind Age

The main story will take place throughout the wind age and mostly focuses on Mazzarin and Clovis of The Bruig, with Tireces laying the foundation.

Tireces will defeat the Leveler at Tiruth' Dannor as foretold in the Total Codex.

Years later Mazzarin will recruit and teach disciples the ways of the Avatara.

Clovis will form an Empire.

The Leveler will return and unleash a new nightmare upon the world.

From the beginning, you know the end.


The campaign will be another plugin to coincide with Myth III The Wolf Age for Myth II: Soulblighter.

The story is being developed off leftover notes and story ideas from Mumbo Jumbo and Bungie before they moved onto other projects.

It will be a 25-Level Total Conversion.

The Campaign will be episodic to allow for faster release

Act I:


Battle of Tiruth’Dannor


Clovis of The Bruig


The Cath Bruig Empire

Act II:



The Downs



The Dark Gods

The Warlocks of Scholomance

The Necromancer

The Watcher

Act III:

Dark Horizon

Public Decrees

The Great Cleansing

Siege of Illuan

The Comet

Mazzarin’s Demise



The Dark Realm

The Myrkridia

The End


Status: Announced