Here are some of the Myth plugins or anything else 3rd party game material related that I (DarthRevan555) have been working on, with some help of course with some friends from The Nine =IX= and some individuals from Project Magma.


Dead Reckoning Studios and Knights of The Golden Circle are proud to bring you all our Myth content and are honored to have been doing so for the past 5 years, keep playing, keep downloading and happy mything! See you on mariusnet!


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Myth III: The Wolf Age

The Final Destination

Myth IV: The Wind Age

Myth III: The Wolf Age for Myth II: Soulblighter was once just a fan boy dream, now it’s coming to life as DarthRevan555 and KGC take on the task of bringing the story of Connacht to the awesome M2 Engine.

An epic RPG and most intense 4 player coop ever to hit the Myth experience with 4 upgradable units and intense gameplay, the long awaited sequel to The Great Journey leads a team of elites to their Final Destination

The unofficial prequel to Myth III The Wolf Age Follows Mazzarin, Tireces and Clovis of Bruig as they battle an entity hellbent on the ruin of the world, kingdoms will rise and fall, heroes will be tested and The Myrkridia will be born.

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