Dead Reckoning Studios


Welcome to my humble home on the interwebs. Working on the site... again.. check back for stuff I’m working on, Myth Plugins, Movie Reviews, Etc.


Dead Reckoning Studios is my little ‘company’ that I founded... in.. 200....6?  Probably when I was around 16. I have been working on things that need publishing, soon I’ll start work on Zombie Panic Source! levels but until then, You’ll just have to deal with the above features.

Also working on adding download links and such to the site to post my old work for download, including my very old Age of Empires II maps if any of you still play that game.

Thanks for visiting my little online prison.

Myth Dev

Fubar Reviews

Online Journal

Here for the recent info on maps or plugins that I’m currently developing. This includes Myth IV: The Wind Age, Gladiators: Antipathy, The Final Destination, and of course Myth III The Wolf Age for Myth II

Watch me tear movies a new one and expose little things wrong with any movie. After all, hating things is so much more fun.

I write here any thoughts I care to make... which would probably be never so often.

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